Zoya Khan


It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. Noya Group was Established in 2008, and we are ten years into our business. Starting small way back almost 11 years ago, we have grown to be one of the most trusted Service Providers in the Job Market Business in European Market.

We take pride in the Quality of Services we provide to our clients, and the that in turn is responsible for the Trust we enjoy with our Client and Job Seekers.

At the beginning itself on commencement of our business, we had taken a strategic decision, never to charge any Job Seekers, we only charge our Recruiters, and that is the core to our existence as a HR & Recruitment Service Provider.

It is my endeavor to try to motive and guide all our employees, never to compromise on quality of Service and I beleive we have succeeded in our endeavor.

I also take this opportunity to thank all our Clients who trust us for all their HR & Recruitment needs, and look forward to your continued trust and providing you the best Services at all times.

Irshad Mansoori



Noya Group came into inception with a mission to redefine the human resources. We walked a long miles but with the single point vision to have the best resources having the quality & quantity together.

We believe that people make us what we are. We still strive to provide an environment to people that is professional where they could grow personally and professionally with the organization.

We in a group represent unity in diversity for the people from different backgrounds and culture with single minded purpose to grow along with others. We also believe in treating each other and our distinguished costumers with dignity i.e. with trust & transparency & respect & welcome the thoughts & proposals.

We are opened to each other in dealings with our employees & costumers, we believe that long term relationship is built with transparency. Hence we are informal, yet disciplined. We do not allow formality to come under the treatment of issues related to our employees and customers.

At last I would say that we act as one family with Team Work, Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment, Diversity & Dignity to the organization and costumers which differentiate us in the market. Here I remain with a commitment to deliver.