Banking and Finance

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best educational and co-curricular experience. We not only equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to get the job you want; you will also gain industry experience and the confidence to operate in a global environment.

Why Banking and Finance?

Banking and Finance explores the dynamic, fast-paced world of money, shares, credit and investments. Finance is an essential part of our economy as it provides the liquidity in terms of money or assets required for individuals and businesses to invest for the future.
When you choose to major in Banking and Finance you will explore the systemised movement and management of money. In firms, the finance function ensures that activities are funded with equity or debt and the firms can chose value-enhancing project and manage cash flows, risk and liquidity in the interest of their stakeholders. Financial markets are very important and understanding the pricing of assets and derivative securities is vital.
Financial intermediaries such as banks are key players in these financial markets. Banking is also a global industry with over 60 banks operating across Australia and thousands of institutions and investment houses across the world dealing with money circulation, credit, investments, financing, superannuation and more. Finance is continuously changing which makes this subject a fascinating area to study.

Endless career options

Studying Banking and Finance provides you with the foundation for a broad range of careers across banking, broking, consulting, funds management, insurance and superannuation. You may work with corporates, in financial markets or with government. It is also a discipline that can take you anywhere in the world.